Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Hey, Actual Mint 400 Records NEWS!

Lots of exciting stuff coming up this fall from Mint 400 Records. The reason there have been lots of long delays in news is we have all been hard at work preparing new fall releases to share with you. Some new stuff we will be presenting is:

FAIRMONT: Destruction Creation
The 6th official full length from Fairmont continues down the path set forth on The Meadow at Dusk EP. Sweet harmonies shared between Neil Sabatino and Sam Carradori along with lush guitars, pianets and synths, and of course glockenspiel. This record is a summary of everything Fairmont is about from poppy indie rock to scathing punky garage rock to subtle ballads. This is 10 songs that will make you a fan of Fairmont if you weren't one already.

Mint 400 is ecstatic to be releasing this EP. As a long time Tim Williams fan this EP continues to the same great songwriting that Tim has exhibited on stellar albums like 2009's Careful Love. Recorded in Nashville, TN, Tim and long time friend Jacob Jones have crafted 11 tracks recorded in just 3 days to a beautiful MCI JH24 2" 24-Track tape machine. Look for this release to be available in October 2010.

Somewhat of supergroup composed of the former vocalist/guitarist and bango player of Mint 400 Records band Any Day Parade and the newly signed Shane and The Ashes. This group is comprised of acoustic guitars, piano, violin, upright bass, tuba, trombone, drums, bango and harmonicas plus a choir lead by the beautiful female voice of Tree (former Any Day Parader) and complimented by the heartfelt genuine voice of Shane of Shane and The Ashes. This group is sure to make you wonder how are these folks from New Jersey when they play country music like they grew up in Nashville.

THE ASHES: Photoplay Music
Shane and The Ashes while being a major part of The Old Glory's have an amazing more subtle project going which has cultivated in this amazing 16 song album. Acoustic bluesy country-esque folk songs peppered with instruments like harmonicas and trombone makes this album texturally very full yet intimate. The soft almost meek yet warm vocals compliment the music so well that it becomes almost another instrument gliding perfectly with the acoustic guitar. This is an exciting counterpart to The Old Glory's upcoming album.

Formed as a merger between Teeter Sperber formerly of The Ladybirds and Ley Royal Scam and Neil Sabatino of Fairmont. These two have worked together on many of their respective groups albums and they thought it was finally time to collaborate and come up with something totally new. A mix of electro punk and sugary sweet lofi pop M&A's EP will see the light of day this fall.

JESSE IAN DUNN: Jukebox Romance
With the release of last winters The Very Best Of Jesse Ian Dunn, 2010 has a brand new Jesse Dunn sporting a full band and transitioning from quiet finger picked songs to more jangly bluesy rock. Expect this release to solidify Jess Dunn as a very important player in the New Jersey indie rock scene.

From Kevin Metz, former band leader of Housebroken and former guitar/vocals of Fairmont is showing his maturity with a brand new EP that he has slaved over for the past year. Reminiscent of Fountains of Wayne this EP has lots of great guests helping out Kevin in creating his vision. This 3 song EP will be out in the fall and is sure to make your inner teenager smile.

This is just some of the exciting new things coming out on Mint 400 Records this fall. Please visit us at www.myspace.com/mint400records or at www.fairmontmusic.com/1/m4r.html for links where you can buy these new releases.

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