Thursday, April 15, 2010

Sarah "Hopey Changey" Palin

My mom loves this Sarah Palin. I think I get it now, it's like the housewives of the United States, the ones who are so sick of being put down by their husbands and children's snarky comments now have their own political hipster Mom to look up to. She's so sassy and who cares if her arguments make little to no sense and are completely hypocritical like her defense of Rush Limbaugh's "Retard" comments (even though she has her very own down syndrome child). She just looks so darn, ya know, sassy as she delivers her own smug comments in that Fargo accent. Could this lady seriously become an elected official in a state that has a population? Can she possibly win a national race? How can people vote for someone who said, "So how is that hopey-changey thing working out?". So there you have it, the 50+ crowd has spoken , no hope, no change for you. Kind of sounds like the Soup Nazi. I guess it's because the older you get the more you like things to stay the same. I think once you hit a certain age maybe you are thinking that this country is kind of like getting a new VCR or if you're progressive a DVD player and being afraid it's going to be flashing 12:00 and none of the buttons will work. I understand the safety that Sarah Palin represents, she's just the TV, one simple button, on and off, channel up and down. Obama is like one of those HD TV's with a DVR, old people just can't commit to radical change because it's different, unfamiliar and more complex. So to all of you Palin fans, you sit and watch your black and white square TV with rabbit ears and I'll enjoy my big complex HD DVR TV and my streaming video game system. Anyone who can watch that clip of her reading off of her hand and using words like "hopey changey" and still support this numbskull makes me wonder why the red states don't just secede from the union and become their own United States of Dipshits.

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