Tuesday, March 30, 2010

New Fairmont Review

From Innocent Words.com:
By: John B. Moore

The Meadow at Dusk
(Mint 400)
It’s hard to imagine Fairmont frontman Neil Sabatino was once a punk rocker. His work with New Jersey’s Fairmont is more likely to bring up descriptions like “lush” and “atmospheric.”

On the band's latest effort, the six-song EP The Meadow At Dusk, indie rockers Fairmont stick to the same style (thankfully) that made 2008’s Transcendence such an enjoyable record, but have added in an extra vocalist. The addition of Samantha Carradori allows the band to experiment a bit more this time out and trade male/female call and response on most tracks.

Though there is hardly a weak track on the record, the infectious “High Above the City” and “The Moon Controls the Tide” are among the band’s best songs in an already impressive career. Punk rock indeed.

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