Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Hey Touring Bands,

Touring is so much fun but booking a tour is the worst thing imaginable, so if you are stuck doing it yourself check out these links: - A comprehensive list of most of the venues in the United States, However beware that just because a place says they are touring band friendly and are listed on this site DO YOUR RESEARCH.

1. Do bands play there that are in your genre?
2. Have you ever heard of any of the bands playing that venue?
3. Ask a touring band you know if they have played there, did they get paid anything? was there people there? A list of bands and promoters as well you can sign up to the website and they will send you notifications of available gigs from around the country.

Interested in hearing some stories from the road? Andy Applegate of Fairmont fame has a blog about some of our awful road experiences as well as a few positive ones. Although he only has a few posts he promises there will be more, he filled an entire notebook with tour stories from 2005-2010 and just needs to convert them all to blog form. But check him out here: Get in the Mini Van: On the Road with Fairmont

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